Legislative Update 2019

 end of session 2019 

Greetings District 44A Resident!


The 2019 Legislative Session in Annapolis has ended and I have returned to my District.  I hold in high regard the responsibility of making sure your voice is heard in Annapolis as it is always a great privilege to be your Delegate who proudly serves District 44A.  This year’s Legislative Session has been extremely challenging and filled with addressing several major issues.


As the Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Delegates, I am extremely dedicated to working tremendously hard on helping to craft the fiscal and policy priorities of the House.  As a result, I am pleased to say that this year we leave Annapolis with a balanced budget and cash balance in excess of  $100 million and over $1.5 billion in our Rainy Day Fund. 


Also, as the Chair of the  Appropriation Committee’s Public Safety and Administration’s Subcommittee I have worked extremely hard to introduce several pieces of legislation  to address the concerns of our District with a focus on our Juvenile and Seniors and as always, my legislative agenda included legislation to help address the many issues in our District. This session I introduced legislation which included:


·       Working to Secure $1 Billion in additional funding to Maryland’s 4 Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


·       Working to increase the State’s Minimum Wage to  $15.00 per hour (Fight For Fifteen)


·       Working to increase the legal age of smoking to 21.


·       Working to establish the Opioid Restitution Fund.


·       Working to secure a COLA  (cost of living adjustment)in pay  for our state workers.


·       Working to provide relief to our retired state workers with prescription drugs (Medicare Part D). 


·       Working to Secure our communities with funding for  diversion and safety programs and resources to addressing the crime issue in Baltimore              City.


·       Working to Pass legislation to provide law enforcement with aid in high crime areas to keep our streets safe.


·       Working to Pass legislation that requires funds to provide student peer mediation programs.


·       Working to Pass legislation to establish Collective Bargaining Rights at all  Community Colleges.


·       Working to Pass legislation that requires “Use of Force” De-Escalation training for  law enforcement officers in Baltimore City.


·       Working to Pass legislation which mandates the presence of  security officers in Senior Housing facilities to keep our seniors safe.


As you may also know, I serve in Leadership on the Appropriations Committee as Chair of the Public Safety and Administration Sub-committee. I have jurisdiction over all 51 state agency budgets. Consequently, I have responsibility of about $26 Billion  out of a $47 Billion operating budget for the state and one of my top  priorities is to bring back much needed funding and resources to District 44A.


In addition, I also serve on the on the Capital Budget Sub-committee which funds all of the capital projects in the state and this year my capital  legislative agenda included  SUCCESSFULLY  bringing back a record number of funding directly to several communities located  in District 44A, as well as,  Baltimore City.  As a result of my efforts I listed some of those projects for your review.  In addition to these initiatives, I have several bills which I have sponsored, completing my legislative agenda for this term.  I have attached a copy of these bills for your information.


Again, I want to express my gratitude for your trust in me to represent you in Legislative District 44A. It is always both an Honor and a Privilege to continue to serve each of you as your Representative and your voice in Annapolis.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office, and please remember that my constituents are Always my top priority.           


 DISTRICT 44A funding 

 ·      Successfully brought back to District 44A  $1.2  million  in funding to assist the flood victims  and for infrastructure  improvements along          Frederick Avenue.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A $1 million to the Delta Lambda Outreach Center for capital renovations


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $725 thousand in funding to build a Youth Development Center in Fayette-Street and  Boyd-Booth         Communities.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A $600 thousand to aid  flood victims located in the flood plain area along the Frederick Avenue in         Beechfield Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $600 thousand in funding  for road  re- resurface (Phase 2) on  Frederick  Avenue in  the Beechfield          Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $600 thousand in funding  for road re-surfacing of Northbend Avenue in the Westgate   Community


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $500 thousand to renovate the Avenue Market located on Pennsylvania Ave. in the Upton         Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $200 thousand to renovate  Hopeworks  CDC and A Step Forward, Inc. in the Harlem Park         Community. 


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $150 thousand to create The  Rachael Wilson Fallen Firefighter Memorial in the Boyd-Booth         Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $150 thousand  for security officers   at a Senior Apartment Building in 21217  in the Harlem Park         Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $150 thousand  for security officers   at a Senior Apartment Building in 21229  in the Irvington         Community.


·       Successfully brought back to District 44A  $  50 thousand for renovations to the Warwick Avenue Park in the Fayette Street Outreach         community.


·       Successfully worked to Secure  $500 million for the new statewide school construction.


·       Successfully worked to Secure  $255 million in funding for statewide school funding based on the Kirwan Commission report. 


sponsored bills


House Bill 635 Public Safety - Use of Force De-Escalation Training of Law Enforcement Officers – Reports

Requires a law enforcement agency to report, beginning October 1, 2019 and every 2 years thereafter, to the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention on certain policies and procedures related to use of force de-escalation training for its law enforcement officers.


House Bill 766 Education - Community Colleges - Collective Bargaining

Establishes collective bargaining rights for community college employees.


House Bill 779: Higher Education - Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Funding

Requires the Governor, for fiscal years 2021 through 2035, to include a total of $1 Billion additional in general funds for Maryland’s  historically black colleges and universities. 

House Bill 839: Division of Parole and Probation - Central Home Detention Unit - Powers

Expands the powers of the Central Home Detention Unit of the Division of Parole and Probation.

House Bill 891: State Personnel - Grievance Procedures

Expands the application of provisions of law governing grievance procedures for certain employees in the State Personnel Management System.

House Bill 909: Income Tax Credit - Student Employees

Allows certain business entities a credit against the State income tax for the cost of hiring student employees who attend a high school at which at least 80% of the registered students are eligible for the federal free or reduced price meal program and who work for the business entity for specified time periods.  


House Bill 918: Income Tax - Credit for Opportunity Zone Employers - Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Allows certain employers operating in an opportunity zone in the State a credit against the Maryland income tax if the employer hires a formerly incarcerated individual during the taxable year


House Bill 919:  Baltimore City - Senior Apartment Housing Facilities - Security Guard Services

Requires the property management company of each senior apartment housing facility in Baltimore City to contract with a licensed security guard agency for the provision of security guard services at the senior apartment housing facility at all times that the property management company is not open for conducting business on the site of the senior apartment housing facility.

House Bill 927: Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission – Training Requirements – Firearms

Requires the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission to require that certain entrance-level and in-service police training conducted by the State and each county and municipal police training school include, for police officers who are issued a firearm, classroom instruction, training, and qualification for the firearm that is comparable to certain requirements established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


House Bill 1167: Labor and Employment - Apprenticeship Career Training Pilot Program for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals - Establishment

Establishes the Apprenticeship Career Training Pilot Program for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals.

House Bill 1344: Department of Juvenile Services - Juvenile Strategic Reentry Program

Requires the Secretary of Juvenile Services to establish the Juvenile Strategic Reentry Program for children committed to the custody or under the guardianship of the Department of Juvenile Services; establishes the purpose of the Program; requires the Department to direct reentry specialists to oversee the return of certain children to the community; requires that a reentry specialist meet with a child at least 45 days before the release of the child from an out-of-home placement; continuing until age 18 or when the juvenile is released from the care and custody of the Dept. of Juvenile Services.

House Bill 1345: Juvenile Services Education County Pilot Program - Expansion and Alterations

Expanding the scope of the Juvenile Services Education County Pilot Program to include a juvenile services education program in Baltimore City beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.


House Bill 1346: Public Safety - Student Peer Mediation Program Fund – Establishment

Establishes the Student Peer Mediation Program Fund to provide grant assistance to schools and community-based organizations in Baltimore City to establish student peer mediation programs to reduce juvenile violence.  


House Bill 1348: Public Safety - Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund – Establishment

Establishes  the Markell Hendricks Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund to provide grant assistance to local law enforcement agencies to provide youth crime diversion programs and events in high-crime areas in conjunction with community groups.


co-sponsored bills


House Bill 0053: County Boards of Education - Length of School Year – Adjustments

Authorizes  a county board of education to extend the length of the school year, for any reason, for up to 5 school days beyond June 15 without approval.

House Bill 109:  Environment - Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products – Prohibition

Prohibits a person from selling in the State a certain expanded polystyrene food service product on or after January 1, 2020; Prohibiting certain food service businesses and certain schools from selling or providing food in certain expanded polystyrene food service products on or after January 1, 2020.


House Bill 128 General Provisions - State Song - Advisory Panel

Establishes the State Song Advisory Panel to review certain submissions and suggestions for a new State song and to hold at least three public hearings.


House Bill 132: Education - Robotics Grant Program - Alterations

Expands the eligibility requirements for the Robotics Grant Program to include nonprofit organizations and community clubs that are proposing new or have existing robotics programs.


House Bill 133: Public Schools - Provision of Feminine Hygiene Products

Requires a county board of education to ensure that each public school serving students in any grade from grades 6 through 12 provides, at no charge to students, feminine hygiene products in the restrooms at the school.


House Bill 141: Commercial Law - Internet Privacy and Net Neutrality

Specifies the circumstances under which a broadband Internet access service provider may handle certain customer personal information in a certain manner.

House Bill 161: Baltimore City - Tax Sales of Real Property - Water Liens (Water Taxpayer Protection Act of 2019)

Prohibits the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City from selling . properties to enforce a lien for unpaid charges for water and sewer service.


House Bill 166: Labor and Employment – Payment of Wages – Minimum Wage (Fight for Fifteen)

Specifies the State minimum wage rate increase to $15.00 PER HOUR under certain circumstances.  


House Bill 201: Maryland Transit Administration – State Employees – Free Ridership (Transit Benefit for State Employees)

Requires the Maryland Transit Administration to provide  ridership services at no cost on certain transit vehicles to permanent state employee.  


House Bill 205: Higher Education - Academic Forgiveness Policy – Established

Requires institutions of higher education to develop and implement an academic forgiveness policy on or before August 1, 2019.


House Bill 248: Education - Child Care Subsidies - Mandatory Funding Level

Increases the Child Care Subsidy Program reimbursement rate to the 60th percentile of the most recent market rate survey or a certain equivalent.


House Bill 262: Higher Education - Tuition Rates – Exemptions

Alters the circumstances under which certain individuals are exempt from paying the out-of-state tuition rate at public institutions of higher education.


House Bill 277: Regional Initiative to Limit or Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Transportation Sector - Authorization (Regional Transportation and Climate Protection Act of 2019)

Authorizes the Governor to include the State as a full participant in a certain initiative, agreement, or compact that limits or reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

House Bill 307: Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Establishes a Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


House Bill 319: University of Maryland University College – Renaming

Renames the University of Maryland University College to be the University of Maryland Global Campus.

House Bill 338: Human Services - Food Supplements (Summer SNAP for Children Act)

Requires the State to provide certain funds to counties for food during the summer  supplement for each child in a household that receives food stamp benefits.


House Bill 390: State Department of Education - Employment Categories and Practices

Alters the employment categories of certain employees of the State Department of Education.


House Bill 392: Real Property - Condominiums and Homeowners Associations - Dispute Settlement

Alters the procedures a council of unit owners or a board of directors of a condominium shall take before a penalty for a violation of the condominium's rules can be imposed on an alleged violator.


House Bill 397: Public Safety - 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System (Carl Henn's Law)

Requires a certain custodian of records to deny inspection of the part of a 9-1-1 communications record that depicts certain information.

House Bill 414: Cooperative Housing Corporations - Dispute Settlement and Eviction ProceduresSpecifies that a certain dispute settlement mechanism does not apply to complaints or demands arising out of a cooperative housing member's failure to pay certain assessments owed to the cooperative housing corporation.


House Bill 437: County Boards of Education - School Year - Start and End Dates

Repealing a provision of law that authorized a county board of education to extend the length of the school year for up to 5 school days beyond June 15.

House Bill 481: Criminal Law - Sale of a Minor – Felony

Reclassifies, as a felony instead of a misdemeanor, the crime of selling, bartering, trading, or offering to sell, barter, or trade a minor for money, property, or anything else of value.


House Bill 533: University System of Maryland - Board of Regents - Transparency and Oversight

Alters the membership of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland to include two members appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House and one additional student member.


House Bill 664: State Department of Education - Nonprofit Youth Development Program - Established

Establishes the Nonprofit Youth Development Program in the State Department of Education to provide grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations whose mission and programs target at-risk youth using certain strategies.


House Bill 695: Transportation Climate Accountability Act of 2019

Requires the Department of the Environment, in conjunction with a reporting agency, to conduct a comprehensive study regarding the environmental impact of certain public-private partnership projects under certain circumstances.


House Bill 697: Health Insurance – Consumer Protections and Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission

Repeals a certain provision of law applying certain provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act to certain health insurance coverage issued or delivered in the State by certain insurers, nonprofit health service plans, or health maintenance organizations.


House Bill 714: Community Colleges - Supplemental Services and Supports for Students With Disabilities Grant Program

Requires the Maryland Higher Education Commission to consult with the Maryland Association of Community Colleges when establishing a certain review process and adopting certain regulations for a grant program for supplemental services and supports for students with disabilities in community colleges.


House Bill 715: Correctional Services - Prerelease Unit for Women - Requirement to Operate

Requires the Commissioner of Correction to operate a prerelease unit for women.


House Bill 740: Criminal Law – Firearms – Computer–Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3–D Printed Firearms and Ghost Guns)

Prohibits  a person from transporting into the State or manufacturing, possessing, selling, offering to sell, transferring, purchasing, or receiving a firearm manufactured after 1968 that is not imprinted with a serial number issued by a federally licensed firearms manufacturer or importer.


House Bill 767: Collective Bargaining - Chancellor of the University System of Maryland - Negotiations

Requires the Chancellor of the University System of Maryland to act on behalf of the University System of Maryland and certain system institutions for the purpose of collective bargaining.


House Bill 768: Health - Prescription Drug Affordability Board

Establishes the Prescription Drug Affordability Board as an instrumentality of the State the purpose of which is to protect State residents and certain stakeholders within the health care system from the high costs of prescription drug products.


House Bill 780: Baltimore City - Speed Limits - Establishment

Authorizes Baltimore City to establish the maximum speed limit on a highway under its jurisdiction without performing an engineering and traffic study.


House Bill 810: Income Tax - Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit – Alterations

Increases the maximum income limits on eligibility for a certain credit against the State income tax for certain child and dependent care expenses.


House Bill 814: Maryland Health Insurance Option (Protect Maryland Health Care Act of 2019)

Establishes  the Maryland Health Insurance Option.


House Bill 878: Election Law - Campaign Finance Reports - Late Fees and Certificates of Nomination

Alters the fees that are due for failure to file a campaign finance report, an affidavit, or an amended campaign finance report.


House Bill 893: General Provisions - Commemorative Days - Caribbean Day

Requires the Governor annually  proclaim the first Monday in August as Caribbean Day in Maryland.


House Bill 913: Correctional Facilities and Police Officers – Procedures – Immigration Status

Prohibits an employee or agent of a correctional facility from detaining a certain person beyond a certain date or notifying federal immigration authorities of certain information.


House Bill 956: Income Tax - Lead Remediation Credit

Allows an individual or a corporation to claim a credit against the State income tax for costs incurred for an approved lead hazard reduction project for qualifying property.

House Bill 959: Baltimore City – Alcoholic Beverages – License Renewals and Adult Entertainment

Authorizes the Board of License Commissioners for Baltimore City to consider the performance of a license holder for the 4 years immediately before the date of the renewal application.

House Bill 960: Baltimore City – Alcoholic Beverages Licenses – Prohibited Transfers

Prohibits a local licensing board from transferring a license to another person if the transferor has pending criminal charges or disciplinary matters before the local licensing board that arise out of an incident or a circumstance involving the license or the licensed premises.

House Bill 977: Criminal Procedure - Expungement – Expansion

Repeals a certain provision of law that authorizes the expungement of certain convictions.

House Bill 980: Baltimore City - Alcoholic Beverages - Protest of License Renewal - Zoning Violations

Repeals a prohibition against the consideration of zoning issues by the Board of License Commissioners of Baltimore City when hearing and determining a protest filed against a renewal of an alcoholic beverages license.


House Bill 1015: State Lottery - Instant Ticket Lottery Machines - Fraternal Organizations ("Slots" for Homeless Veterans Act)

Authorizes the Director of the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency to issue certain fraternal organizations a license for not more than five instant ticket lottery machines.


House Bill 1063: Baltimore City - Speed Monitoring Systems - Local Authority

Authorizes the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City to determine the location of speed monitoring systems in the City.

House Bill 1072: Transportation Network Companies – Insurance

Authorizes the Motor Vehicle Administration to accept a certain form of security from a transportation network company in place of a certain insurance policy if the other form of security adequately provides certain benefits.


House Bill 1084: Criminal Law - Human Trafficking – Felony

Reclassifying, as a felony instead of a misdemeanor, a certain human trafficking offense.


House Bill 1094: Community Safety and Strengthening Act

Authorizes the Johns Hopkins University to establish a police department based on a certain memorandum of understanding.

House Bill 1107: Discrimination in Employment - Pregnancy and Childbirth

Requires an employer to provide certain reasonable accommodations for certain employees and applicants for employment.


House Bill 1115: Community Colleges - Workforce Readiness Grant Program - Established

Establishes the Workforce Readiness Grant Program.


House Bill 1116: Gender Diversity in the Boardroom – Annual Report

Establishes the intent of the General Assembly to promote gender diversity in corporate management and boardrooms.


House Bill 1117: Maryland Transit Administration - Extension of MARC Service - Plans and Report

Requires the Maryland Transit Administration to develop a certain plan extending Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) service.


House Bill 1143: Higher Education - Collective Bargaining - Tenured Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and Graduate Student Employees

Providies collective bargaining rights to certain tenured or tenure-track faculty, adjunct faculty, and graduate student employees at certain public institutions of higher education.


House Bill 1158: Clean Energy Jobs

Establishes certain criteria for qualified offshore wind projects applied for on or after July 1, 2017, termed Round 2 offshore wind projects.


House Bill 1174: Medical Cannabis - Pesticide Use - Labeling and Study

Requires a certain dispensary or dispensary agent to ensure that medical cannabis grown using a pesticide and products containing medical cannabis grown using a pesticide have a label affixed at the time of sale stating that the medical cannabis was grown using pesticides.


House Bill 1183: Public Health - Treatment for the Prevention of HIV - Consent by Minors

Provides that a minor has the same capacity as an adult to consent to treatment for the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


House Bill 1191: Baltimore City - Civil Actions - Liability of Toxic Substance Manufacturers

Establishes that the Act applies only to an action against a certain manufacturer of a toxic substance for damages allegedly caused by the presence of paint or surface coatings containing the toxic substance in a residential building located in Baltimore City.

House Bill 1201: Task Force on Educational Outcomes of Pregnant and Parenting Students in High School and GED Programs

Establishes the Task Force on Educational Outcomes of Pregnant and Parenting Students in High School and GED Programs..

House Bill 1210: Public Safety - Crisis Intervention Team Technical Assistance Center

Establishes the Crisis Intervention Team Technical Assistance Center in the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission.


House Bill 1240: State Personnel – Merit Pay

Requires the pay ranges for certain employee position classifications to be equal.


House Bill 1242: Public School Students – Vision Services – Reporting

Requires each county board of education to coordinate with the Vision for Maryland Program to ensure that certain students are able to receive eye examinations and, if necessary, eyeglasses; requiring each county board or county health department to provide eye examinations for certain students.


House Bill 1559:  Court Records - Unserved Arrest Warrant and Charging Document - Inspection by Attorney

Alters a provision of law to authorize an attorney, rather than an attorney who is authorized by a certain individual, to inspect a certain arrest warrant and charging document.


House Bill 1615:  Human Services - Temporary Disability Assistance Program

Establishes the Temporary Disability Assistance Program in the Department of Human Services.