A RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT - district funding

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Delegate Haynes has fought tirelessly to bring back much needed resources to his District . Such funding  in  District 44/44A include the following Capital Initiatives: 


Delegate Haynes has worked to bring back the following resources to the 44th Legislative District as  the Primary Sponsor  of  the following  Capital Legislative Initiatives:



            $600  million in Capital funding for in the 44th Legislative District which has created many needed jobs in the District

            $70     million Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings and Treatment  

                        The Johns Hopkins University Medical Center - Colon Cancer

                        University of Maryland - Breast Cancer

             $60   million   Dunbar High School Renovation

                        Violetville Elementary School Renovation and Addition

            $6    million  Bon Secours Hospital

            $3    million  Associated Catholic Charities - Christopher’s Place

            $2    million  Healthcare for the Homeless

            $1.4  million   Delta Lambda Foundation Outreach Center (Alpha Phi Alpha)

            $1.2  million  Frederic B Leidig Recreation Center Ball Fields improvement

            $1.1  million   Youth Development Center in Boyd-Booth Community

            $700  thousand Walters Art Gallery

            $700  thousand Center Stage

            $600  thousand Road Resurfacing for Frederick Avenue Northbend Avenue

            $560  thousand St. Agnes HealthCare

            $500  thousand Avenue Market Updates

            $400  thousand Garrett-Jacobs Mansion

            $550  thousand Fayette-Street Outreach Community Center

            $350  thousand Newborn Community Center

            $300  thousand Engineer’s Club Renovation

            $250  thousand Everyman Theater Construction

            $250  thousand Arena Players Playhouse

            $250  thousand The Sellers Mansion Renovation (senior apartment conversion)

            $200  thousand Hopeworks Renovation Project

            $200  thousand Harvey Johnson Community Center -Marable Hill

            $375  thousand Walters Art Gallery

            $225  thousand Family Cultural Enrichment Community Center

            $200  thousand Empowerment and Wellness Outreach Center

            $200  thousand Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Corp. Headquarters

            $150  thousand Metro Delta Community Outreach Center

            $150  thousand The Rachel Wilson and Fallen Firefighters Memorial

            $125  thousand Winchester Street Potter=s House

            $100  thousand Everyman Theater

            $100  thousand Mount Vernon Conservancy

            $100  thousand Security Officers at Senior Apt. Building

            $120  thousand Franklin Entrpreneurial and Apprenticeship Center

            $330  thousand Southwest Senior and Community Multi-purpose Center

            $80   thousand Women Veterans Center

            $50   thousand Warwick Avenue Park renovations                                                                        

            $25   thousand Multi-family  Low Income Housing Initiative

            $1    million  Kennedy Krieger Children’s Hospital                         

            $500  thousand Academy of Success

            $300  thousand The Lyric Opera House

            $250  thousand Paul’s Place

            $250  thousand Shake and Bake Family Fun Center

            $200  thousand Dorothy M. Higgins Community Center

            $125  thousand PMO Community Youth Center

            $50   thousand Academy of Success

            $135  thousand Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women

            $118  thousand The Arch Social Club

            $100  thousand Doctor Christine Phillips Community Center

             $100  thousand Clarence H. A “Du” Burns Memorial

             $100  thousand The Waxter Senior Center

             $75   thousand Institute of Notre Dame

             $65   thousand Druid Hill Y Family Revitalization

             $60   thousand Town Theater Renovation

             $50   thousand Dr. Bob=s Place

             $35   thousand Pat Development Project

             $25   thousand Legends Park


Delegate Haynes has also awarded over $650,000.00 in scholarship funds for students in  Legislative District’s 44/ 44A in order to further their education.

A RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT - Noteable Bills Passed

In addition to fighting for funding for the district, Delegate Haynes has fought tirelessly to  pass legislation that affect all us. 

Some of the more important bills sponsored and passed by Delegate Haynes include:


2003    HB 684                 Required Information on Generic Drug Option

2004    HB 1134             Maryland Medical Assistance Program-Managed Care Organizations- 

                                               Dental Services


2005    HB 1024             Public Assistance-Eligibility for Residents Convicted of a felony

                                              Involving A Controlled Dangerous Substance


2006    HB 676               Correctional Officer’s Retirement System-Membership

2006    HB 1223            Sales and Use Tax-Production Activity-Taxable Laundering Services

2007    HB 10                 Criminal Procedure-Expungement of Police Records-Arrest Without



2007    HB 868               Maryland Transit Administration-Public Hearings

2008    HB 554               State Retirement and Pension System- Members and System Study


2008    HB 1287             Parren J. Mitchell Public Service Scholarship:

                                              10 Full Tuition Fees, Room and Board Scholarships                                                                       

2009    HB 453               Public Service Companies- Termination of  Electric   and Gas Service-

                                             Extreme Temperatures


2011    HB 621               Fire Safety-High Rise Buildings-Mobility Impaired Individuals

2012                                  Sponsored the Bill to secure 1.1 Billion Dollars in New School Construction in Baltimore City


2012    HB 630               State Retirement and Pension Systems-Re employment of  Retirees-

                                              Parole and Probation Employees


2012    HB 1220            Secondary Education-Electronic Reader Pilot Program-Study

2013    HB 1059             Baltimore  City-Video Lottery Operation Licensee-Employee Data



2014    HB 1222            Ruth M. Kirk Public Social Work Scholarship – 1 Full Tuition 

2015    HB 158                State Personnel and Procurement-Service Contracts-Reporting and Audit



2015    HB 340              General Provisions-Commemorative Days-Thurmond Marshall Day

2015    HB 965               The Hunger Free Schools Act of 2015


Delegate Haynes continues to work to pass important legislation for his constituents on various issues since elected to office. Some of the key  bills which Delegate Haynes has sponsored include: 


2004    HB 1404         Real Property-Abatement of Nuisance Actions

2004    HB 1405         Education-Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners- Budget and  Audit Requirements                      

2005    HB 613            Baltimore City-Displaced Building Service Workers Protection Act

2005    HB 1027         State Personnel-Awards-Interest

2005    HB 1139         Fire Safety-High Rise Buildings-Individuals Confined to Wheelchairs

2005    HB 1561         Primary and Secondary Education-Deficiencies in Schools Fund

2005    HB 1614         Health Insurance-Surgery for Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders-Coverage

2006    HB 530           Crimes-Sexual Offense against Minor Committed on Schools Grounds or In a Recreation Area-Penalties

2006    HB 694           Credit Regulation-Short-Term Small Consumer Loan Study Commission

2006    HB 750           Health Insurance-Insurance Producers That Sell Medicare Part D  

                                          Prescription Drug Coverage-Limitations on Sale of Other Insurance 

2006    HB 1192         Primary and Secondary Education-Aging Schools Programs-Grants

2006    HB 1384         Nursing Facilities-Quality Assessment-Medicaid Reimbursement

2006    HB 1679         Atlantic C-PORT II Trial: Non-Primary Per cutaneous Coronary Intervention Study

2007    HB 770           Maryland Transit Administration: Continuation of Passenger Railroad

                                          Service on Amtrak and CBX Lines

2007    HB 874           Maryland Transit Administration: Baltimore Metropolitan Transit

                                           Advisory Council

2007    HB 1038         Crimes-Victim and Witness Intimidation

2008    HB 554           State Retirement and Pension System-Purchase of Contractual Service Credit 

2008    HB 793           Baltimore Regional Transportation Authority Study Task Force

2008    HB 1213         Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund

2008    HB 1283         Baltimore City-Public School Construction-State Funding

2009    HB 1207         Income Tax Credit-Flexible Workweek

2009    HB 1230         Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit-Residential Units for Lower  Income Individuals                                 

2009    HB 1231         Employees’ Pension System-Purchase of Contractual Service Credit

2010    HB 1396         Fire Safety-High Rise Buildings-Mobility Impaired Individuals

2010    HB 1397         Baltimore City Fire Station Closing and Realignment Citizen’s Review  Board   

2010    HB 1398         Study on Number and placement of Fire Stations in Baltimore City                                                               

2010    HB 1488         State Board of Dental Examiners-Written Notification of Risk of  Trigeminal Neuralgia   

2010    HB 1489         Bail Bonds-Surety Bondsmen-Licensor, Regulation, and Financing of  Bail Bonds   

2011    HB 768           Bail Bonds-Time of Payment                                                            

2011    HB 785           Sustainable Communities Tax Credit-Residential Units for Lower-Income Individuals   

2012    HB 304           Baltimore City-School Construction-Block Grant

2012    HB 630           State Retirement and Pension Systems-Reemployment of Retirees-Parole  and Probation Employees  

2012    HB 669           Maryland Higher Education Commission-Employees and Children-Tuition Waiver  

2012    HB 1145         Income Tax Credit-Flexible Workweek

2013    HB 1054         Restoring and Sustaining  Baltimore City Communities Act of 2013

2013    HB 1058         Education-Study to Improve Nutrition of Free and Reduced –Price Lunches  

2013    HB 1059         Baltimore City-Video Lottery Operation Licensee-Employee Data  Collection   

2013    HB 1249         Baltimore City School Construction Block Grant

2013    HB 1280         Collective Bargaining-State Labor Relations Board and State Higher

                                           Education Labor Relations Board-Enforcement Authority   

2014    HB 72              Labor and Employment-State Minimum Wage Rate –Increase

2014    HB 707           Restoring and Sustaining Baltimore City Communities Act of 2014

2014    HB 815           State Personnel-Service Contracts-Procurement, Audit, and Reporting  Requirements   

2014    HB 1504         Maryland Education Act of 2014

2015    HB 158           State personnel and Procurement-Service Contracts-Reporting and Audit Requirements   

2015    HB 648           Community Colleges-Tuition Waiver for Full Time Students-Partial  State  Reimbursement                                                                

2015    HB 673           Community Colleges-Tuition Waiver for Full Time Students-Full State  Reimbursement 

2015    HB 696           Maryland Education Opportunity Act 2015

2015    HB 966           Education-Community Colleges-Collective Bargaining                                          

2015    HB 975           Maryland Medical Assistance Program-Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits-Parity  

2015    HB 1154        Task Force to Improve Suicide Prevention Programs for Veterans           

2016    HB 18             Maryland Education Opportunity Act of 2016

2016    HB 27             Education-Community Colleges-Collective Bargaining

2016    HB 42             Transfer of Structured Settlements-Childhood Lead Poisoning Claims-Requirements and Limitations  

2016    HB 54             Income Tax Credit-Student Employees

2016    HB 64             Income Tax Credit-Payment of Tuition at a Community College

2016    HB 196           Juveniles-Pretrial Detention-Confinement in Juvenile Facilities

2016    HB 479           Vehicle Laws-Law Enforcement Transport Vehicles-Seat Belts           

2016    HB 482           Vehicle Laws-Law Enforcement Transport Vehicles-Recording Equipment   

2016    HB 813           Higher Education-Employee Rights-Equal Employment Opportunity  Program and Maryland Whistleblower Law  

2016    HB 837           State Finance and Procurement-Public Senior Higher Education Institutions-Policies Concerning Procurement Contracts  

2016    HB 1213         Education-Broadening Options and Opportunity for Students and Teachers  (BOOST) Program-Establishment  

2016    HB 1325         State Department of Education-Breakfast and Lunch Programs-Funding

                                          (Free School Meals for Students From Low/Middle Income Families Act)

2016    HB 1360         Primary and Secondary Education-Breakfast Program-School  Requirements  (Breakfast After the Bell Act) 

2017    HB 470            Sales Tax Exemption for services performed by a person practicing Engineering  

2017    HB 692           School Emergency Air Conditioner Fund- provides $7,500.00 fund for schools to install air conditioners  

2017    HB 928           Juvenile Law Appearance by Video Conference - Allows juveniles  to appear by video conference in certain proceedings                                                                     

2017    HB 931           Maryland Education Opportunity Act of 2017 - Provides a 50% discount in tuition for individuals who do not have a High                                                        School diploma or GED and have been unemployed for at least 6 months and are attending community college seeking                                                          vocational training and or certification  

2017    HB 940           School Bus Seat Belt Requirement - Requires school vehicles to be equipped with seat belts  

2017    HB 943           School Bus Drivers Annual Physical - Requires school bus drivers to undergo an annual physical  

2017    HB 1638         Employee Ownership Trusts  

2018    HB 999           Baltimore City Public school Systems name change- Would change tile name from CEO to Superintendent  

2018    HB 1050         Rental Tax Credit to Baltimore City Public Safety Officers  

2018    HB 1166         Sentencing of a Primary Caretaker - Allows a defendant convicted of a nonviolent offense status as primary caretaker to be                                                taken into consideration upon sentencing  

2018    HB 1173         Use of Force De-escalation Training of Law Enforcement Officers - Requires local law Enforcement  officers to undergo Use of                                            Force De-Escalation training every 2 years  

2018    HB 1203         Maryland Education Opportunity Act of 2018- Provide free tuition to high school graduates who opt to attend and complete                                                community college  

2018    HB 1263         Foreclosed Property Registry - Requires purchaser to inspect and maintain property every three months in Baltimore City in                                                order to prevent blight                                                           

2018    HB 1294        Income Tax Credit Payment of Tuition at Community College - allows a tax credit for tuition payment at community college                                               level

2018    HB 1733         Pre-Release Programs - Require each jurisdiction to establish a pre-release program for individuals confined in local                                                             correctional facilities

2019    HB 766             Community Colleges Collective Bargaining Bill - Creates collective bargaining rights for community college employees

2019    HB 779             HBCU Funding- Provide for 1 Billion additional investment in Maryland’s HBCU


2019    HB 839             Division of Parole and Probation - which expands the powers of Parole and Probations officers assigned to Home Detention                                                  Monitoring

2019    HB 891            Expands the grievance procedure for state employees         

2019    HB 909            Income Tax Credit - Gives businesses an income tax credit for hiring student employees                  

2019    HB 918            Tax Credit Opportunity Zone Employers - Gives an employer located in an opportunity zone a tax credit for hiring formerly                                                     incarcerated employees

2019    HB 919            Senior Apartment Security Guards - Requires security guards to be hired by certain senior apartments during off business                                                     hours in Baltimore City.

2019    HB 927           Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission - Requires jurisdictions who hire police officers to have the same                                                           standard training levels as the FBI Training Standards    

2019    HB 1167         Created an apprenticeship Pilot program for formerly incarcerated individuals.                   

2019    HB 1345         Juvenile Services Education Pilot Program - Creates a juvenile services education program in Baltimore City.

2019    HB 1346         Student Peer Mediation Fund - Established a student peer mediation fund to provide grants to schools and community base                                                 organizations in Baltimore City 

2019    HB 1348         Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion Parole Fund - Established the  Markell Hendricks Youth Crime Prevention and Diversion                                            Fund to provide grants to local law enforcement in  conjunction with community  based programs